Blossom Benefits

For Parents & Caregivers:

Blossom enables you to read to your child in a foreign language even if you are not fluent in it. In fact, you get to practice speaking it alongside your little one. The scaffolded approach that gradually increases the target language, including audio pronunciation, helps you pick up everyday words and useful phrases. Reporting features in the platform allow you to monitor your child’s time reading and learning.

For Children:

Kids love to read their favorite books and play their favorite games over and over again. Blossom offers a fun way to spice things up and keeps the story fresh each time. The same story, but evolving text, creates a more exciting reading experience. What better way for young children to be immersed in a new language than being absorbed in a beloved storybook?

For Educators:

Through their linked Blossom accounts at school and at home, children and their parents can access the same videos, ebooks and activities you use in the classroom. This allows for students to continue their learning at any place at any time. Blossom’s materials are developed in accordance with national and state content standards, giving you confidence that the concepts covered are aligned to your classroom curriculum.

For Schools:

Blossom empowers schools to engage all students and their families, including those who speak a language other than English. Administrators can see family engagement reports at a school-specific as well as district-wide level.. Furthermore, schools can request customized content or design their own through the Creator’s Studio, and build up a dedicated library of multilingual materials to meet the spectrum of needs that a diverse student population brings.