Learning Through Storytime

Blossom Library

Once a user sets up an account and chooses their native language and target language, the journey of exploration begins. Children and adults alike can select titles from a growing library of original children’s books that align with Common Core Math and Next Generation Science Standards presented in the two selected languages.

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Carefully Crafted

Creator’s Studio

With a Creator’s Account, teachers, educational designers, and writers have access to a powerful suite of publishing tools that generate content into a dynamic, bilingual experience. The Creator’s Studio guides the user through a step-by-step process that applies the BLoSSoM language blending method to their original content, and shares the finished product with their audiences.

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Bi-Lingual Story Switching Method

Our unique pedagogy, the Bi-Lingual Story Switching Method (BLSSM), brings the interactive Blossom ebooks, animated videos and gameplay activities to a whole new dimension. Users experience graduated bilingual text and audio, available in five blended ratios of their heritage language (for example, Spanish) and the second language they wish to experience and learn (for example, English). Additionally, this dynamic pedagogy is accompanied by dialogic prompts throughout a Blossom book to promote dialog and interaction as you read together.