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Bridging the gap between online & offline social marketing monetization

Captivate Your Audience

Integrate fan content strategically to boost excitement and brand engagement


Online Community

Highlight the best posts and photos into a single, highly engaging social destination. Create “Targeted Action” tiles to drive traffic where you want it.



Live Events

From arena’s to conference halls, enrich your events with interactive,
dynamic content displays that show curated posts in real-time.



Social Commerce

Boost sales by turning social advocacy into shoppable content. Create multiple, dynamic, “Buy Now” buttons on any content.



Social TV

All the complimentary tweets, photos, and mentions about YOUR brand, delivered directly
to on-property viewers, in prime, high-traffic locations. Create a curated viewing
experience from what people are posting about you!



Digital Out-Of-Home

Boost ad conversion with targeted and rights managed UGC at the heart of your paid media, turning users into your most valuable marketing tool.


Social Campaigns Simplified

Create and manage social media campaigns from one easy-to-use interface

Photo and Video Contest

Photo & Video Contests

Encourage consumers to enter a brand-sponsored contest by submitting photos and videos across social networks; brand will determine winners.

Hashtag Unlock

Hashtag Unlock

Encourage consumers to post content using a hashtag to unlock exclusive coupons, content and offers, increase traffic and boost engagement.

Look Book

Look Book

Create photo and video slideshows with click-throughs to showcase your content and increase website traffic.

Social Menu

Social Menu

Perfect for restaurants that want to engage patrons by having them take pictures and videos of there favorite menu items.

Selfie Email Capture

Selfie Email Capture

Capture attendee email addresses at live events and in store.

Social Stories

Social Stories

Inspire and encourage your brand advocates to participate by sharing their story.

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How It Works

Converting User-Generated Content Into Profitable Consumer Experiences

Multiple Content Sourcing Options

We are continually adding to all the ways you can get your content into one manageable location!

#Hashtags & Keywords

The staple search method – grab content by hashtag, keyword search and mentions of your brand.


People don’t always use hashtags.  Drop a pin on a map and access the content posted from that location.

Custom Content

Extend your reach beyond the social networks to discover content from Blossom custom data sources.

Curate & Moderate Content

Individually and in bulk with a single click

Loaded With Content Management Tools

These extra tools give an added boost to the already robust functionality of your

Rights Management

Reach out directly to content creators to request explicit permission to use their content.

Influencer Accounts

Target highly-engaged users to utilize their influence to push brand created and approved content.

Cross-Pollinate Content

Curate content from one social media platform and easily distribute across all the others via your dashboard.

Content Filtering

Use common words, hashtags and users to easily filter out offensive or unrelated content.

Spotlight Posts

All traffic on your hub is not created equal.  Feature these posts to get more engagement and shares.

Content Library

Tag and categorize content to create a searchable, UGC library you can access at any time.


Manage On-The-Go

We’ll notify you of activity on your hub so you can always be in the know.



Reporting & Analytics

While your fans are learning about your brand, you can learn about them

  • Identifying top performing content
  • Viewing hub traffic from a world map
  • Discovering the type of devices connecting to your hub

Product Add On’s

Boost your reach and engagement with custom content and native ads


Create Branded Content Onsite

HALOCAM is a photo and video booth designed for brands and brand marketers.


Empower Your Content Creators with a Mobile App

Capture and submit rights-cleared photos and videos in real-time from user’s smartphones.


Integrated Native Ad Server

Blend relevant ads and cross-channel promotions throughout your social content


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