How anyone can monetize
user-generated content with native ads.

Why iN-Ads?

Begin your content strategy with profit in mind. Turn your social efforts into a profit center. Dynamically insert high-value,
interactive ads targeted for each user from Blossom’s Server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion technology.

Native Advertising Made Easy

Enables publishers to seamlessly blend their content with relevant, actionable, mobile and desktop ad units.

Zone optimization

Publishers choose the zones of their website (top, bottom, overlay or in-page) they would like to monetize.  We then blend our unique ad units into the zone natively, to drive the best possible monetization for each zone.

Mixed Media

We apply Machine Learning Intelligence to mix different media types to help drive better performing units for each zone and site.

Powered by a single tag

Zone monetization all happens through a single tag, making the placement, management, and tracking of your revenue easier and less time consuming.

Advertise to your audience

Generate retail sales for your advertisers

Flexible options

Native ad units are placed around comments. Pick the type of ad most suited to your site. You’re in complete control.

Adapts to your page

All our ad units are responsive – they adapt to the look of your site and change layout based on device and width.


Understand how your website’s traffic and audience engagement affect the revenue you’re generating.

Multiple Ads Types to Choose From

Blossom follows IAB advertising standards, guidelines & best practices


Showcase sponsors with the best real estate – at a premium!


Blend relevant native ads throughout your social story.


Valuable ad-space featured when someone clicks on an image.


Ensure your sponsors get the attention they deserve.

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