How Style Fashion Week Amplifies Attendee Engagement


Style Fashion Week, producer of globally recognized fashion events, provides top designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections


  • Amplify Style Fashion Week attendee engagement
  • Create an engaging experience for the fashionista audience
  • Showcase live curated content on venue display screens
  • Drive brand awareness for Style Fashion Week brand


Utilize UGC to identify fashion trends and where to purchase

Behind The Scenes


Use social media to tell the social story of the 4-day event for fashion designers, insider’s and their guests.

Give website visitors a unique way to browse the Style Fashion Week content, while providing the social validation they crave at the point of purchase.  By augmenting professional product photography with customer photos from social networks, Style Fashion Week is able to add a powerful trust factor at the point of sale.


Online Community

Utilizing the Community Hub on their website, Style Fashion Week is able to simulcast content from their live shows to online viewers.  By incorporating multiple community pages, Style Fashion Week can organize their content by event, making it easier to tell the unique story of each event.


Social Commerce

By activating the Commerce Hub, Style Fashion Week was able to link social content to individual product pages to drive online conversions directly from social.


Photo Booth

By integrating the HALOCAM Photobooth into their 4-day event, Style Fashion Week capture’s fan content, along with models behind the scenes content, which they showcased live on the event screens and website community hubs.


Event Screens

Utilizing the Event Hub, Style Fashion Week
can showcase real-time fan content,
integrated with branded content,
throughout the event on the JumboTron,
as well as the event TV’s,
wherever they are in the world!

The Results

The event was a huge success as Style Fashion Week saw increases across the board in engagement and awareness. By linking social to purchase, Style Fashion Week created an opportunity to place merchandise in front of their audience in a ground-breaking, genuine way.

As a result, fashion brands and invited attendees were able to view an aggregate story of the 4-day event and share their favorite runway moments and sell a few designer pieces.


Content Created






Increase time on website

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