How Duplays engaged their sporting communities


DUPLAYS organizes sport & social sports activities (leagues, events, tournaments) across the region with over 90,000 members.


  • Drive brand awareness and affinity for members
  • Produce unique content creation experiences on-location
  • Natively Integrate sponsors


Make it easy for fans and members to engage and share their sports experiences socially.

Behind The Scenes


Create an online community for their fans and members to be able to engage and share their sport experiences socially.


Online Community

By integrating a Community Hub on their website, Duplays is able to tell and update their social story on their own property before, during and after all their events.


Mobile App

With the Creator Mobile App being utilized primarily by the staff and critical influencers, Duplays is able to get rights-cleared photos and videos that can be used across any of the WOD digital properties.


Event Screens

Utilizing the Event Hub, Duplays can showcase real-time fan content, integrated with branded content, throughout the event on the JumboTron, as well as the event TV’s, wherever they are in the world.


By integrating the iNADS Ad Server, Duplays can integrate native ads and/or call-2-Actions within their social content.

The Results

Integration of a Community filmstrip widget on the Duplays website, fan engagement has skyrocketed as everyone tries to make sure that they are on the website.

Blossom provided the creation, aggregation, moderation, and curation tools to source the best social content, and the interface to present it in a beautiful, integrated way.

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