Social Commerce

Increase retail sales by strengthening brand and fan relationships

Social Media Influences Shopping Behavior

It’s time for retailers to start paying close attention to social media

  • 75% have made purchases because they saw it on social media
  • 56% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow

Sell More With A
Social Media Store

Turn the best visual content contributed by your customers into shoppable products with links directly to the product page.

Engage At The Point Of Sale

Publish dynamic displays at every customer touch point.

Brand Hubs
Product Galleries
Shoppable Ads
Featured Products
Shoppable Instagram

Tag Multiple Products

Instagram posts often feature multiple items — give your customers the control to shop exactly what they want.


Display embedded ads within your content to spark awareness of internal or external ad campaigns.

Discover & Manage Influencers

Save time and resources discovering, recruiting and managing social influencers.

Empower Influencers To
Inspire Your Consumers

Source rights-cleared photos and videos, in real-time,
from employees and brand ambassadors.

Showcase Influencers In-Store

Feature your biggest fans in-store to increase sales and customer engagement, not to mention excitement!

  • Display on any size television or projector.
  • Use at product launches and events.

Supported E-Commerce Platforms

Track & Measure Engagement

Fully leverage your data to maximize your social media presence.

What You Can Expect

Measurable Customer Interactions

Increased Social Buzz

Improved Fan Loyalty

More Sales…The ONLY reason we  are here!

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