The New Way of Story
telling for Television

Achieve budgetary goals with revenue generated from social media native advertising.









The television industry has been locked out of the $18 billion social media advertising market until now iBlossom enables television executives to compete for Millennial & Generation X social media buys iBlossom Connect allows for  social media experiences that are interactive, responsive and exciting Monetize social media content with served ads & sponsorship’s to provide a new source of revenue

Keep the story blossoming on social media

TV viewers want to watch more than the news and their favorite shows. Bring audiences into the conversation right from your website while inserting native advertisements

The iBlossom platform encourages conversations and seamlessly integrates viewers with content

  • On-air broadcast
  • Web
  • Mobile, and more

The Curated Social TV Storytelling Experience

iBlossom’s Production Hub allows news, sports, promotion and brand managers to easily curate the best user-generated content to be featured on screen

Smart Streams filters out profanity and allows users to see only the content you produce to tell your story

iBlossom gives you complete control to select and share the best content

Return on Investment

Generate native social media advertising revenue with iBlossom Connect

Insert paid advertising campaigns that are seamlessly embedded into the stream which your fans can interact with

  • Compete in the $18 billion US social media advertising market
  • Package social media advertising with traditional media avails
  • Fight for Millenial and Generation X advertising dollars with social media advertising avails
 iBlossom follows iab. advertising standards, guidelines & best practices
  • Agencies can follow set social media design standards
  • Standard advertising units
  • Native advertising guidelines
Call-to-Action strategies that increase revenue

Choose from over 10 pre-designed Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons or create an original CTA to monetize your content from inside the social hub

Social eCommerce – turn UGC Photos into shoppable links
  • Generate retail sales for your advertisers
  • Convert social media contributor posts into shoppable sources
  • Curate and distribute branded UGC from your social hub, product pages, and homepage to increase revenue

Embrace the Power of Social Media for the Television Business

Television executives are always looking for a competitive edge when it comes to programming and marketing
Actionable, insightful data is that edge 

Monetize Social Media With iBlossom

Deeply integrate social curation and storytelling and convert social media content into revenue today.