Why Us

Our approach is unique from any other company

An Integrated, 360° Approach

Providing Value Across All Customer Touchpoints.

Founded in 2012, Blossom Social is built on the idea that people do not sign into social media platforms to be marketed to. We believe to effectively market on social media a brand must provide a level of entertainment in the form of digital content online and offline to encourage participation and engagement to drive revenue.

Our mission is to convert your fans into long lasting advocates that engage and endorse your brand during and post purchase.

The Best Marketing Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing

There has been a fundamental shift in how brands connect with their customers.  We’re all becoming broadcasters & publishers sharing our story on social media. In order to succeed, brands need to put “story” at the center of their strategies.

We believe when using social media as a marketing channel a brand must entertain its audience to effectively market to them. Blossom marries business objectives to revenue solutions to ensure that your brand Blossoms.

Let’s Blossom Together

It is our passion to ensure that our technology helps you captivate and thrill your customers, both online and offline.Whether you’re looking to up your social game, sell your stuff, or find influencers, we’ve got tools that give you the confidence to grow your company in a way that feels right for you. Thank you for considering us.

-Tamer Abdel / President 

We don’t predict the future, we create it!

Our Team

The Blossom Social team is a dedicated group of marketers, content creators, designers and
technologists responsible for the creative direction and development of branded social campaigns.

Tamer Abdel

Chief Executive Officer

Tamer Abdel is the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. He oversees all creative and commercial functions for Blossom. As the CEO of the company, he spearheads product vision. Mr. Abdel’s extensive experience in product design, digital marketing and his keen interest in social media psychology has fueled his vision for Blossom. 

Shakil Ali

Creative & User Experience Director

Shakil Ali is the creative director, and oversees all digital, web, mobile and design processes. He has over ten years of experience in the field of creation and design under her belt. While he is a designer first, Shakil is also very well-versed in the technical aspect of the creation process. One of his biggest strengths is taking things that seem digitally impossible, and making them a reality.

Dave Barragan

Operations Director

Dave Barragan works in all aspects of client care. As the director of Client Care, Dave plans, organizes directs and controls the activities of the daily operations. Key responsibilities include, customer assistance, project management, and guidance to the team to ensure quality, productivity, and ensuring goals and requirements are met.

Scott Charlton

Business Process Director

Scott is responsible for helping develop our business strategy & guiding us through process development. With more than 20 years consulting in process improvement, he makes sure our processes are agile, lean, flexible and in control!

Anis Memon

Senior Application Developer

Anis is responsible for managing and implementing custom client deployments. With more than 10 years experience,
Anis makes sure client implementations are smooth and error free.

Nisar Ali

Senior UI Designer

Nisar is a self-taught digital product designer based, firmly believing that design is first and foremost about solving problems. This is why Nisar has dedicated his career to working closely with Blossom, making sure we deliver delight to our customers at every step of interaction with the platform.

Anil Marediya

User Interface Designer

Sunil Maredia

Graphic Designer

Shahzad Manasiya

Graphic Designer

Inayat Maredia

Studio Manager

Rick Escamilla

Motion Graphic Designer

Safder Imam

Front End Developer